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object is a synonym of end

noun [ ob-jikt, -jekt ]

object is another word for end

End and object can be used synonymously to refer to a goal you’re working toward (The award was the end she had worked so hard for; Her degree was the object of years of study).

✅ You might see end used in this context most often in the phrase ‘to that end’; this means ‘for that reason’ or ‘in pursuit of that goal’.

Object often suggests that the goal in question has taken all your efforts, and that you’ve pursued the goal in a dedicated way (Solving the crime was the object of a decade of hard work).

We hope you’ll make it your object to check out these synonyms.

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alter is a synonym of adjust

verb [ awl-ter ]

alter is another word for adjust

Adjust and alter can both refer tp changing something so that it can fulfill its function.

Adjust generally suggests moving something from one position to another, with the possibility of moving it back again (adjust the height of the chair).

Alter suggests permanently changing something, often so it can be used more easily, or perform better (alter the content of the course; alter the dress so that it fits).

Alter can also be used in a crafting context to refer to changing something in a creative way so that it becomes more decorative or useful, which might include changing the use of a thing, but not always. In this sense, it means something closer to transform or revamp (I altered the chest of drawers by painting it white).

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severe is a synonym of stern

adjective [ suh-veer ]

severe is another word for stern

Stern is the best word to describe inflexibility and firmness, especially in an authoritative way, and can suggest a withdrawn or forbidding quality (a stern teacher).

Severe is the best word to describe strictness and unsympathetic harshness in delivering discipline or punishment (a severe critic).

✅ When describing things like expressions or ways of talking, both words do not necessarily imply that the individual’s personality is stern or severe (He had a severe expression, but his words were kind; It takes a while to get used to her stern personality).

Stern and severe imply authority. Severe often suggests that the person in question is mean or cruel, but stern is more neutral (My colleague is very severe; The captain was thoughtful but stern).

We hope we don’t sound too stern in encouraging you to check out these synonyms for severe.

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