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entreat is a synonym of appeal

verb [ en-treet ]

entreat is another word for appeal

Appeal means to ask for help or support in a cause, generally on the grounds of justice or reason (make an appeal for money to fix the roof).

Entreat means to plead with someone, and often suggests that you’re relying on their sympathy or better nature (He entreated the kidnappers to let him go).

Appeal can suggest a formal request or a request put forward by a group. It’s also often used in legal contexts (appeal the conviction).

Entreat is a formal word, but isn’t generally used in political or legal contexts in the same way that appeal is. Entreat also carries a sense of urgency that appeal usually does not (entreat her to help before it was too late).

We entreat you to take a look at these synonyms!

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model is a synonym of example

noun [ mod-l ]

model is another word for example

Example can refer to a person who, because of how they behave or what they’ve achieved, is considered worth imitating or copying in some way. It can also refer to things (She was a fine example for her classmates; This lamp is a good example of the style we are looking for).

Model is the best word for someone or something to copy exactly (an artist’s model; a scale model of the new office building).

✅ When example and model refer to behavior that should be copied, model suggests something more specific and exact than example (His friend provided a model of proper etiquette at the party; That golfer was an example of what might happen when you don’t prepare for an event).

Follow our example and check out these synonyms for model.

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aspiring is a synonym of ambitious

adjective [ uh-spahyer-ing ]

aspiring is another word for ambitious

Ambitious is the best word to describe someone who wants material success, and puts effort towards achieving that (an ambitious politician; he has always been ambitious).

Aspiring is the best word to describe someone who wants to achieve something specific, especially something unusual or special (an aspiring athlete). In casual speech, it can also mean that you want to learn to be good at something (an aspiring guitarist).

✅ Describing someone as an aspiring dancer, for example, means that they want to be a dancer for their career. An ambitious dancer is a dancer who wants success, however they measure that.

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