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prosper is a synonym of succeed

verb [ pros-per ]

prosper is another word for succeed

Succeed means to achieve one's goals in life (He was determined to succeed).

✅ Succeed can also be used to refer to achieving goals or doing well, even if those goals don’t match society’s idea of what you should achieve (He succeeded in his ambition to be a good puzzle solver).

Prosper is the best word to refer to achieving material success (She’ll prosper with a job that she loves).

Prosper can also be used to refer to doing well emotionally, and feeling good in your life (They really prospered once they left their stressful job).

We’re sure you’ll prosper with these synonyms.

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certainty is a synonym of belief

noun [ sur-tn-tee ]

certainty is another word for belief

Belief is the best word to refer to an acceptance that something is right or true, without immediate proof (They had complete belief in his story).

Certainty is the best word to refer to a strong internal conviction that something is right or true, also without necessarily needing proof (In his mind, it was a certainty that the earth is flat).

Belief is a more general word, whereas certainty implies a stronger conviction (a belief in the goodness of people; It’s a certainty that I annoy her).

✅ That doesn’t mean that a certainty is necessarily more likely to be true than belief. The difference between the two words comes down to a lack of doubt: certainty suggests that there’s no doubt in your mind at all, whereas belief is slightly more neutral.

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entreat is a synonym of appeal

verb [ en-treet ]

entreat is another word for appeal

Appeal means to ask for help or support in a cause, generally on the grounds of justice or reason (make an appeal for money to fix the roof).

Entreat means to plead with someone, and often suggests that you’re relying on their sympathy or better nature (He entreated the kidnappers to let him go).

Appeal can suggest a formal request or a request put forward by a group. It’s also often used in legal contexts (appeal the conviction).

Entreat is a formal word, but isn’t generally used in political or legal contexts in the same way that appeal is. Entreat also carries a sense of urgency that appeal usually does not (entreat her to help before it was too late).

We entreat you to take a look at these synonyms!

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