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ascribe is a synonym of attribute

verb [ uh-skrahyb ]

ascribe is another word for attribute

Attribute means to attach a definite cause to something (He attributed his superior golf swing to good coaching).

Ascribe refers to giving credit to something or someone for being the source of something (I ascribed his bad mood to the phone call with the bank).

Attribute and ascribe are often used interchangeably for assigning someone a certain characteristic because of their behavior (He attributed loyalty to his staff; She ascribed malice to the cat when it acted in self-defense).

✅ Unlike ascribe, which is generally neutral, attribute often has a complimentary tone (They attributed their success to the support of their family).

We’ll attribute your wonderful vocabulary to you checking out these synonyms for ascribe.

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overcome is a synonym of defeat

verb [ oh-ver-kuhm ]

overcome is another word for defeat

Defeat is the best word to use to refer to gaining advantage over someone or something, or frustrating someone’s plans (the knight’s quest to defeat the dragon).

Overcome is the best word to use to refer to surmounting difficulties and obstacles (You can overcome anything).

Defeat and overcome both refer to winning out over something. Defeat emphasizes a sense of battle. Overcome emphasizes the fact that you managed to win despite opposition (She defeated the challenger; You overcame your weaknesses).

Defeat is often used in the context of competition, elections, and contests (defeat the other team). Overcome can be used in the same contexts, especially when it was particularly hard to win (overcome a weak start).

Don’t be defeated by these synonyms for overcome!

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devote is a synonym of dedicate

verb [ dih-voht ]

devote is another word for dedicate

Dedicate means to commit a large amount of your time or energy to something or someone, in a particularly earnest and intentional way (He dedicated his time to helping his mother get better).

Devote also means committing your time and energy to someone or something, but it is a bit more general than dedicate (I devote myself to my sewing).

Dedicate and devote can both refer to a relationship of love and friendship, where someone happily gives their time and attention to making someone else feel supported and contented, especially over a long period of time (She’s dedicated to him; He’s devoted to his friend).

Devote can also suggest religious purpose, just as dedicate can suggest ethical or moral intention.

Try writing about something you’d like to devote your time to with the help of Grammar Coach.

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