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pliant is a synonym of flexible

adjective [ plahy-uhnt ]

pliant is another word for flexible

Flexible is the best word to describe something that bends easily without breaking (a flexible wire).

Pliant is the best word to describe something that yields easily, or bends with very little pressure (pliant bread dough; pliant tree branch).

Flexible and pliant can also refer to someone or something that is adaptable (Their plans were flexible; She has a pliant character).

✅ However, pliant is often used to mean compliant and easily influenced, especially in a derogatory way (He’s very pliant—he’ll go along with anything).

Increase the flexibility of your vocabulary with these synonyms for pliant.

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tenacity is a synonym of perseverance

noun [ tuh-nas-i-tee ]

tenacity is another word for perseverance

Perseverance is the perfect word to refer to persistence in spite of difficulties and setbacks (Her perseverance was a factor in her success).

Tenacity is the perfect word to refer to holding onto or working toward something—literally or figuratively—in a steadfast and dogged way (He pursued the burglary case with tenacity).

✅ Both perseverance and tenacity suggest doggedness, determination, and strength in the face of failure (It takes a lot of tenacity to achieve your goals; Their perseverance was their most notable trait).

✅ However, perseverance centers the idea of overcoming difficulty and setbacks, whereas tenacity centers the idea of holding on or continuing (Tenacity helped her through the difficult climb; It took perseverance to get her concerns heard).

Demonstrate your tenacity with these synonyms.

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band is a synonym of company

noun [ band ]

band is another word for company

Company refers to a group of people that is often but not always united by some occupation or purpose (the ship’s company; a company of dog-walkers).

Band is the best word for a group of people, usually smaller and more close-knit than a company, who are united by a purpose or fate. Band carries the suggestion that the group of people will have to work together (band of survivors).

Band is most commonly used to refer to a group of musicians, and company is most often used to refer to a group of actors who tend to work together (The band is playing tonight; They acted with the same company for years).

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