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industrious is a synonym of busy

adjective [ in-duhs-tree-uhs ]

industrious is another word for busy

Busy describes being engaged in work or a pastime, especially in a way that occupies a lot of your time (a busy week; I like keeping busy).

Industrious is the best word to describe being hardworking, especially in an energetic and goal-oriented way (He was an industrious worker).

Busy describes a state of being, whereas industrious describes a character trait.

Busy emphasizes not having a lot of time to spare (I'm too busy to pay attention to social media), whereas industrious emphasizes working hard as a general habit and often with a particular goal (She was always very industrious).

We hope you’re not too busy to check out these synonyms for industrious!

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outline is a synonym of form

noun [ out-lahyn ]

outline is another word for form

Form is the best word to refer to a relatively well-defined but featureless shape with mass or volume (A strange glow in the form of a human).

Outline is the best word to refer to a line that forms the shape of something, where the area inside the line is either blank or not visible (He drew the outline of a bird).

Outline can also refer to a set of ideas or concepts that lack detail (the outline of the plan; the outline of an essay).

Form is the more inclusive term. It can refer to the format of something or to the way something is supposed to go or appear (present the information in the form of an interview; Their ideas were taking form).

Try using outline in a paragraph describing your writing process with the help of Grammar Coach.

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console is a synonym of comfort

verb [ kuhn-sohl ]

console is another word for comfort

Comfort means to reassure and soothe someone, especially so that they feel more cheerful (She watched her favorite TV program to comfort herself).

Console means to soothe someone experiencing extreme distress, in a way that helps them to calm down (I consoled him after his loss).

✅ Both comfort and console refer to helping someone deal with painful and difficult feelings, like disappointment, sadness and grief (I tried my best to comfort them; She hoped her words consoled him).

✅ However, comfort emphasizes making someone feel more cheered, whereas console emphasizes helping to alleviate the difficult feelings or helping someone to feel calm.

Try describing a time you consoled someone, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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