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console is a synonym of comfort

verb [ kuhn-sohl ]

console is another word for comfort

Comfort means to reassure and soothe someone, especially so that they feel more cheerful (She watched her favorite TV program to comfort herself).

Console means to soothe someone experiencing extreme distress, in a way that helps them to calm down (I consoled him after his loss).

✅ Both comfort and console refer to helping someone deal with painful and difficult feelings, like disappointment, sadness and grief (I tried my best to comfort them; She hoped her words consoled him).

✅ However, comfort emphasizes making someone feel more cheered, whereas console emphasizes helping to alleviate the difficult feelings or helping someone to feel calm.

Try describing a time you consoled someone, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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view is a synonym of opinion

noun [ vyoo ]

view is another word for opinion

Opinion is the best word for a belief or judgment that you’re not wholly certain of, but that you’re willing to stand behind because you think it’s likely true (They asked for his opinion on curtains vs. shades). Opinion can also be used to refer to your personal attitude or experience of something (In my opinion, brown bread is nicer than white).

View is the best word for a critical or intellectual judgment or estimation (My view of the matter; his views on public transportation).

Opinion can also refer to a professional estimation in some situations, especially medical ones (medical opinion; in my professional opinion).

✅ Both opinions and views can be wrong, or change with time. Neither word suggests a more accurate understanding of a matter than the other, though view can imply a stronger basis in fact (My opinion on the film changed after watching it again; Her views on economics had changed since business school).

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fatigued is a synonym of weary

adjective [ fuh-teegd ]

fatigued is another word for weary

Weary is the best word to describe a long-term feeling of exhaustion (weary of the constant wind).

Fatigued is the best word to describe feeling worn-out to the point of needing rest or sleep (fatigued after the effort of carrying the piano upstairs).

Weary implies that long-term effort or difficulty has slowly drained you of your energy in a way that feels permanent. Fatigued can be used to describe either a temporary or more long-term state (He was weary of constantly being chastised for everything; She kept waking up already fatigued).

✅ While weary and fatigued can both describe a lack of emotional energy, weary is more common in that context (weary of the argument).

We hope you’re not weary of learning—check out these synonyms for fatigued!

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