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fatigued is a synonym of weary

adjective [ fuh-teegd ]

fatigued is another word for weary

Weary is the best word to describe a long-term feeling of exhaustion (weary of the constant wind).

Fatigued is the best word to describe feeling worn-out to the point of needing rest or sleep (fatigued after the effort of carrying the piano upstairs).

Weary implies that long-term effort or difficulty has slowly drained you of your energy in a way that feels permanent. Fatigued can be used to describe either a temporary or more long-term state (He was weary of constantly being chastised for everything; She kept waking up already fatigued).

✅ While weary and fatigued can both describe a lack of emotional energy, weary is more common in that context (weary of the argument).

We hope you’re not weary of learning—check out these synonyms for fatigued!

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occur is a synonym of happen

verb [ uh-kur ]

occur is another word for happen

Happen is a general verb that means to take place. It can refer to planned things, accidental things, and coincidental things (The event happened on Tuesday).

Occur also means to take place or come to pass, especially in formal contexts (The accident occurred two months ago).

Happen is more common, while occur is more formal in usage and often used in a legal or other official context (When did this meeting occur?).

Try occur in a sentence about something that happened yesterday with the help of Grammar Coach.

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club is a synonym of circle

noun [ kluhb ]

club is another word for circle

Circle is the best word for an informal group of people connected by something they have in common, often a lifestyle, job, or hobby (I joined a sewing circle).

Club is the best word for an organized group of people who spend time together in pursuit of a hobby, sport, or other interest (I’d been a member of the yacht club for a while).

✅ In reference to social groups, a club usually has a defined membership, whereas a circle refers to a small group of people who are interested or involved in a certain hobby and are casually connected.

✅ When used with a plural, circle refers to a large subsection of society involved with an occupation, hobby, or lifestyle, especially one that can be considered a community (theatrical circles; political circles).

These synonyms for club are very popular in word-enthusiast circles!

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