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disconcert is a synonym of confuse

verb [ dis-kuhn-surt ]

disconcert is another word for confuse

Confuse refers to the act of bewildering someone, or making them feel mentally lost (The complicated rules confused me) and lacks an emotional implication.

Disconcert has a similar meaning but carries an element of making someone feel uncomfortable or uneasy (Her strong reaction disconcerted me).

Disconcert generally suggests that someone is perplexed through irritation, or that they’re perturbed (I was disconcerted by the sudden change of atmosphere).

Disconcert also can suggest a more lasting sense of bewilderment than confuse (His strange prophecy disconcerted me for days).

We hope you won’t be confused by these synonyms for disconcert.

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provisions is a synonym of food

noun [ pruh-vizh-uhn ]

provisions is another word for food

Food is a general word that you can use in most circumstances to refer to something nourishing that you can eat (favorite food; cheap food).

Provisions is the best word to use to refer to a store of food that is gathered beforehand with the intention of bringing it on a trip (packing provisions for the expedition) or using it for an extended stay (The shelter had plenty of provisions).

✅ While food generally (but not always) applies to food alone and not drinks, provisions generally includes drinks (Food and drink will be provided; Our bags were full of all the provisions we needed).

Make sure you stock up on these synonyms for provisions!

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trustworthy is a synonym of reliable

adjective [ truhst-wur-thee ]

trustworthy is another word for reliable

Reliable and trustworthy describe someone or something that can be depended upon with confident certainty.

Reliable suggests consistent dependability of judgment, character, performance, or result (a reliable car; a reliable source).

✅ Trustworthy emphasizes the steady and honest dependability that encourages confidence, belief, or trust (a trustworthy guide; trustworthy and accurate reports).

✅ Trustworthy is more frequently used to describe people and goes a little deeper than reliable (He may be reliable, but is he trustworthy?).

We’re a reliable source for synonyms of trustworthy!

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