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recollect is a synonym of recall

verb [ rek-uh-lekt ]

recollect is another word for recall

Recall is the best word for trying consciously to remember something (I couldn’t recall if I’d taken my medication).

Recollect is similar, but it suggests a stronger effort to remember something, especially defined facts and details (Try to recollect what happened that day).

Recall and recollect can be used synonymously, though recollect can sound more formal and suggests a particularly high level of effort (recall the answer to yesterday’s puzzle; recollect the exact circumstances of the event).

Try using the word recollect in a paragraph about something you saw last week, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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quick is a synonym of intelligent

adjective [ kwik ]

quick is another word for intelligent

Intelligent is the best word to describe someone who has good reasoning and understanding abilities and who has a sharp mind (an intelligent reader).

Intelligent is used in a general way to encompass a whole range of traits, whereas quick focuses specifically on how easily and rapidly someone can understand things or make connections (She was an intelligent leader; She had a quick mind).

Intelligent doesn’t necessarily mean that someone has had a lot of schooling, although it’s often used that way, while quick simply means mentally agile.

Show off your intelligence with these synonyms for quick.

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pliant is a synonym of flexible

adjective [ plahy-uhnt ]

pliant is another word for flexible

Flexible is the best word to describe something that bends easily without breaking (a flexible wire).

Pliant is the best word to describe something that yields easily, or bends with very little pressure (pliant bread dough; pliant tree branch).

Flexible and pliant can also refer to someone or something that is adaptable (Their plans were flexible; She has a pliant character).

✅ However, pliant is often used to mean compliant and easily influenced, especially in a derogatory way (He’s very pliant—he’ll go along with anything).

Increase the flexibility of your vocabulary with these synonyms for pliant.

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