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considerate is a synonym of thoughtful

adjective [ kuhn-sid-er-it ]

considerate is another word for thoughtful

Considerate and thoughtful both refer to having empathy or compassion for someone else, and expressing that in your behavior towards them.

Thoughtful suggests doing small but kind things for other people (It was thoughtful of her to send a cake), whereas considerate emphasizes thinking about someone’s emotions and doing your best to be mindful of those emotions (He was very considerate of everyone's different feelings about the topic during the discussion).

Considerate is used especially to describe thinking of someone else and trying to lighten their burden when they’re going through a difficult time (She was especially considerate of their need for advanced notice).

Write about the last person who was considerate of your feelings with the help of Grammar Coach.

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topic is a synonym of subject

noun [ top-ik ]

topic is another word for subject

Subject is the best word to refer broadly to something under discussion or exploration (the subject of the conference; the subject of the essay).

Subject and topic can be used interchangeably to refer to the main thing being discussed or explored.

Topic can also be more narrow than subject, referring to a specific area of the subject that can be treated in its own section (In the book on immigration, the topic of the chapter was economic influences).

Try using the word topic in a paragraph on an opinion you hold with the help of Grammar Coach.

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prosper is a synonym of succeed

verb [ pros-per ]

prosper is another word for succeed

Succeed means to achieve one's goals in life (He was determined to succeed).

✅ Succeed can also be used to refer to achieving goals or doing well, even if those goals don’t match society’s idea of what you should achieve (He succeeded in his ambition to be a good puzzle solver).

Prosper is the best word to refer to achieving material success (She’ll prosper with a job that she loves).

Prosper can also be used to refer to doing well emotionally, and feeling good in your life (They really prospered once they left their stressful job).

We’re sure you’ll prosper with these synonyms.

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