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assemble is a synonym of collect

verb [ uh-sem-buhl ]

assemble is another word for collect

Collect means to gather or find things that create some kind of whole (collect action figures; collect evidence).

Assemble means gathering things together in the same place in preparation for arranging them, or to gathering facts in order to make something from those facts (assemble the materials; assemble all the information).

✅ Although both collect and assemble can refer to gathering materials to do something, assemble implies gathering things for a purpose (assemble all the parts to build a camera), whereas collect suggests that the gathering itself is the purpose (collect novelty tea cups).

Try using assemble in a paragraph about building a model car, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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characteristic is a synonym of feature

noun [ kar-ik-tuh-ris-tik ]

characteristic is another word for feature

Feature refers to a trait or property that is worthy of attention, or that creates the overarching impression of something (Good lighting was one of the best features of the house).

Characteristic refers to a quality or trait that you associate with someone or something (His best characteristic was his sense of humor).

Feature and characteristic both can refer to what stands out and creates an impression (The garden had some beautiful features; Friendliness is a common characteristic in Labrador Retrievers).

✅ However, feature is more often used for physical or material properties, and characteristic refers to either physical or non-physical properties.

Try describing someone’s characteristics with the help of Grammar Coach.

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considerate is a synonym of thoughtful

adjective [ kuhn-sid-er-it ]

considerate is another word for thoughtful

Considerate and thoughtful both refer to having empathy or compassion for someone else, and expressing that in your behavior towards them.

Thoughtful suggests doing small but kind things for other people (It was thoughtful of her to send a cake), whereas considerate emphasizes thinking about someone’s emotions and doing your best to be mindful of those emotions (He was very considerate of everyone's different feelings about the topic during the discussion).

Considerate is used especially to describe thinking of someone else and trying to lighten their burden when they’re going through a difficult time (She was especially considerate of their need for advanced notice).

Write about the last person who was considerate of your feelings with the help of Grammar Coach.

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