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Friday, April 09, 2021

synonym for innumerable


adjective [ mir-ee-uhd ]

myriad is another word for innumerable

The adjective innumerable denotes a number that is beyond count or, more loosely, that is extremely difficult to count: the innumerable stars in the sky. A strong synonym for innumerable is myriad, which describes things of an indefinitely great number (such as stars of a summer night) or things that have innumerable phases, aspects, or variations (the myriad mind of Shakespeare, for instance). Fittingly, myriad takes myriad forms. That is, myriad functions as a noun as well as an adjective. You can say “a myriad of reasons” (noun), or “myriad reasons” (adjective). Both are correct, though the adjective form is more common.

Commonly found as

myriad ways
In her talk about how to be self-sufficient, the farmer pointed to the myriad ways in which we can grow and preserve our own food.
face + myriad
The entrepreneur was excited to launch her business, but she knew she would face myriad challenges.

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Thursday, April 08, 2021

synonym for grand


adjective [ steyt-lee ]

stately is another word for grand

Things that are described as grand make a big impression, whether for their impressive size or appearance (grand mountain scenery) or, moving from things to people, their majestic or dignified air (her manner is grand and regal). A synonym of grand, stately comes imbued with nobility and elegance, and so takes the grandness up a notch. Stately is defined as “majestic” or “imposing in magnificence or elegance,” as in the case of a stately home, or an abode that looks like it could belong to royalty. It’s also used less commonly to describe people that exude refinement, elegance, and decorum—sometimes to the point of seeming haughty, aloof, or overly formal.

Commonly found as

stately home
Groves of lush peach trees obscured the view of the many stately homes lining the boulevard.
elegant + stately
The couple was struck by how elegant and stately the grounds were; it was the perfect site to get married.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

synonym for city


noun [ mi-trop-uh-lis ]

metropolis is another word for city

A city is a large or important town, or, more specifically and in the United States, an incorporated municipality, usually governed by a mayor. The synonym metropolis is used of large, bustling cities, or of cities that are of particular importance, as seats of government or cultural centers. The word itself comes from Late Latin mētropolis, the see or center of authority of a metropolitan bishop, from Greek mētrópolis “a mother state or city,” as of an ancient Greek colony. If you are looking for the perfect word for an an even larger city, or an urban region that consists of several large cities and suburbs that adjoin each other, the even more fun-to-say synonym megalopolis may do the trick. 

Commonly found as

sprawling metropolis
It was hard to believe that once small town had grown into sprawling metropolis.
bustling metropolis
The young performer had big dreams of moving to the bustling metropolis of New York and making it on Broadway.

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