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Wednesday, April 07, 2021


metropolis is a synonym of city

noun [ mi-trop-uh-lis ]

metropolis is another word for city

A city is a large or important town, or, more specifically and in the United States, an incorporated municipality, usually governed by a mayor. The synonym metropolis is used of large, bustling cities, or of cities that are of particular importance, as seats of government or cultural centers. The word itself comes from Late Latin mētropolis, the see or center of authority of a metropolitan bishop, from Greek mētrópolis “a mother state or city,” as of an ancient Greek colony. If you are looking for the perfect word for an an even larger city, or an urban region that consists of several large cities and suburbs that adjoin each other, the even more fun-to-say synonym megalopolis may do the trick. 

Commonly found as

sprawling metropolis
It was hard to believe that once small town had grown into sprawling metropolis.
bustling metropolis
The young performer had big dreams of moving to the bustling metropolis of New York and making it on Broadway.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2021


tome is a synonym of book

noun [ tohm ]

tome is another word for book

The noun book is a general term for any work of fiction or nonfiction. But when the work in question is something as ponderous and time-consuming as War and Peace or Infinite Jest, the one-size-fits-all term book might feel insufficient. Tome is the synonym you’re looking for. A tome is an especially heavy, large, or learned book. Tome comes by way of Middle French from Latin tomus, meaning “a cut, slide, or bit” or “a piece of length of papyrus.” The Latin term is a borrowing of Greek tómos “a slice.” Tome entered English referring to a volume of a larger work, but nowadays tome is often used in a slightly humorous manner to emphasize the seriousness and importance of a work, especially in contrast to the ease (and possibly enjoyment) offered by more portable page-turners.

Commonly found as

weighty tome
The young man placed a copy of War and Peace in the background on his video call in the hopes that his crush would be impressed by the weighty tome.
tome + history
The professor had gotten great use out of the tome on the history of philosophy, but after retiring she found that it made an effective doorstop.

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Synonym of the day

Monday, April 05, 2021


lackluster is a synonym of dull

adjective [ lak-luhs-ter ]

lackluster is another word for dull

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to the English language—not even when reviewing the adjective dull. This descriptor is used many different ways; in the example we just gave, dull means boring or uneventful. It can also mean tedious or uninteresting (a dull sermon), listless, not bright (a dull day) not sharp (as in a dull knife). The synonym lackluster has two meanings: lacking brilliance or radiance (lackluster eyes) and lacking liveliness, vitality, spirit, or enthusiasm (a lackluster performance). The earliest instance of lackluster comes courtesy of William Shakespeare in the comedy As You Like It: “And, looking on it with lackluster eye …” In modern usage, lackluster is often used to talk about things that are unimpressive or underwhelming.

Commonly found as

lackluster performance
The theater critic described the lackluster performance as uninspired and not worth the price of admission.
remain lackluster
The company saw a few bright spots early in the year, but overall demand for their products remained lackluster.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar