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Sunday, April 04, 2021


behold is a synonym of see

verb [ bih-hohld ]

behold is another word for see

The verb see primarily refers to perceiving with the eyes. But it is a very general term with a wide range of uses: for example, when you see who’s at the door, you’re ascertaining or finding out who’s there. When you see the point of an argument, you’re understanding it or perceiving it mentally (not visually). Behold is used to talk about observing something, or giving it your full attention in order to see it completely—often with a degree of awe or appreciation. In this regard, behold is similar to the verb gaze: when you gaze upon something you’re looking at it steadily and intently, as with great curiosity, interest, pleasure, or wonder. Behold has a literary ring to it, and it is commonly used in religious texts. But look! see! Behold often appears as an interjection, especially in lo and behold, meaning “look! see!” a term of surprise frequently used in Biblical expressions.

Commonly found as

a sight to behold
The field of wildflowers in full bloom at the base of the mountain was a sight to behold, especially after such a long winter.
behold the power
After the students' letter-writing campaign proved successful, the teacher exclaimed gleefully, "Behold the power of language!"

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Saturday, April 03, 2021


fabricate is a synonym of make

verb [ fab-ri-keyt ]

fabricate is another word for make

To make something is to bring it into existence by shaping or changing material or by combining parts. You can make a dress, or make a work of art—the possibilities are endless for this all-purpose verb! Fabricate moves us into industrial territory; this resourceful verb refers to making something by art or skill and labor, similar to the verbs construct and manufacture. More specifically, fabricate may refer to the forming of material, such as metal, into parts to be used in a finished product. In an immaterial sense, fabricate means “to devise or invent,” as a story or evidence.

Commonly found as

fabricate device
Rare metals were used to fabricate the device.
design + fabricate
A team of biomedical engineers designed and fabricated a new prosthetic leg for better shock absorption.

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Friday, April 02, 2021


endeavor is a synonym of try

verb [ en-dev-er ]

endeavor is another word for try

The verbs try and endeavor both deal with putting forth an effort toward a specific end. Try is the more common and more general term—it is used of efforts both casual and serious, i.e., you can try halfheartedly to do something, or you can try hard to succeed. Endeavor emphasizes serious and continued exertion of effort, sometimes aimed at dutiful or socially appropriate behavior: to endeavor to fulfill one's obligations. There really is no halfhearted endeavoring—this verb is all in. Though for all its striving, endeavor is more commonly used as a noun, as in: The young teacher believed that nurturing the minds of next generation was a noble endeavor.

Commonly found as

endeavor to make
Each of the volunteers endeavored to make a difference in the lives of the young children by spending countless hours reading to them.
always endeavor
The concierge always endeavored in every way to provide the best service to the hotel guests, making all their dinner and daily excursion reservations ahead of time.

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