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Synonym of the day

Thursday, March 25, 2021


mighty is a synonym of powerful

adjective [ mahy-tee ]

mighty is another word for powerful

The adjective powerful can refer to physical strength (a powerful athlete), great effectiveness (a powerful speech), or high potency (a powerful drug). But powerful overlaps with mighty only when describing people or entities that have great power, authority, or influence (a powerful nation). Mighty is chiefly used in a rhetorical manner to indicate uncommon or overwhelming strength or force (a mighty army). Though you might encounter it describing things of uncommon or overwhelming size (a mighty oak; a mighty river), or, things that are great in amount, extent, degree, or importance (a mighty accomplishment).

Commonly found as

once mighty
The historian was fascinated by the rise and fall of the once mighty empire.
mighty warrior
The epic tale tells of the mighty warrior who trained hard and fought with her father's sword to defend him and their kingdom.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021


befuddle is a synonym of confuse

[ bih-fuhd-l ]

befuddle is another word for confuse

To confuse someone is to perplex or bewilder them (the flood of questions confused me). To befuddle someone is to confuse them, especially with glib statements or with baffling behavior. The suggestion bundled into befuddle is that of making the mind slow or foggy, as from intoxication, a connotation inherited from the verb fuddle, meaning "to tipple," that is, to drink intoxicating liquor, especially habitually or to some excess. Fuddle entered English nearly 300 years before befuddle, which explains the boozy nature of befuddle's earliest meaning in English: "to make stupidly drunk."

Commonly found as

befuddle + opponent
The debater befuddled her opponent by contradicting herself multiple times in the same sentence.
continue to befuddle
Groundbreaking discoveries in the field of physics continue to befuddle theorists.

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Synonym of the day

Tuesday, March 23, 2021


covet is a synonym of want

verb [ kuhv-it ]

covet is another word for want

The verb want is one of the most frequently used verbs in the English language. It conveys desire in ways ranging from the more casual (she wants an ice cream) to more intense (she wants to be notified in case of emergency). Covet also deals with desire, but more specifically, it deals with the desire to possess what someone else possesses (she coveted her friend’s beachfront property). Envy and longing are implied by this term, though covet is sometimes used in a less grasping manner to talk about wishing for something eagerly.

Commonly found as

covet + prize
The nominees for the award tried to act nonchalant, but they all coveted the prize.
collector + covet
She was surprised to learn that art collectors around the word coveted the mediocre painting she'd picked up at a yard sale.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar
Synonym of the Day Calendar