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Tuesday, March 16, 2021


reminisce is a synonym of remember

verb [ rem-uh-nis ]

reminisce is another word for remember

To remember something is to think of it again. This general verb describes the mechanism of recalling something to the mind by an act or effort of memory: I tried to remember the best route to the house. To reminisce is to recall past experiences or events, or to indulge in reminiscence. Whereas remembering can be a chore, reminiscing is more like taking a pleasant stroll down memory lane and stopping every so often along the way soak up the scenery. When we reminisce about the old days, for instance, we recall long-gone experiences fondly, in a sort of dreamy and perhaps even wistful or nostalgic state.

Commonly found as

reminisce + days
The two friends loved to get together and reminisce about the old days playing stickball in the neighborhood.
laugh + reminisce
On their anniversary, the couple laughed and reminisced fondly about the many adventures they'd shared over the years.

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Monday, March 15, 2021


hapless is a synonym of unlucky

adjective [ hap-lis ]

hapless is another word for unlucky

Unlucky is used a few different ways. It can describe things that are thought to bring bad luck, such as unlucky number, or it can describe people that have been unsuccessful in an endeavor or that been met with unfortunate circumstances. Hapless deals with the latter. This pitiable adjective is defined as “luckless” or “unfortunate,” and it most commonly describes people that simply can’t catch a break. The lamentable status of a hapless individual is reflected in the adjectives that regularly appear near it, such as poor (meaning unfortunate), helpless, hopeless, and miserable (the poor hapless fool was utterly hopeless!).

Commonly found as

hapless victim
The true-crime documentary portrayed the suspect as a hapless victim of circumstance, but audiences weren’t buying it.
hapless + hopeless
Some political candidates emerged as frontrunners, while others appeared hapless and hopeless by comparison.

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Sunday, March 14, 2021


irrational is a synonym of unreasonable

adjective [ ih-rash-uh-nl ]

irrational is another word for unreasonable

The adjective unreasonable describes ideas or behaviors that are not guided by reason or sound judgement. It can also refer to things that exceed sensible expectation (a list of unreasonable demands) or that are exorbitant or unconscionable (the prices were unreasonable). Things that are irrational are utterly illogical and may border on the absurd. An irrational fear is one that is not grounded in logic or reason and is therefore unlikely to come true. In mathematics, irrational is used to describe a number that cannot be exactly expressed as a ratio of two integers, such as pi.

Commonly found as

irrational fear
His irrational fear of owls kept him up all night on the camping trip.
completely irrational
She realized that the worst-case scenario she imagined was completely irrational, but she couldn't shake the feeling that things weren't going to go well.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar