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Friday, April 02, 2021


endeavor is a synonym of try

verb [ en-dev-er ]

endeavor is another word for try

The verbs try and endeavor both deal with putting forth an effort toward a specific end. Try is the more common and more general term—it is used of efforts both casual and serious, i.e., you can try halfheartedly to do something, or you can try hard to succeed. Endeavor emphasizes serious and continued exertion of effort, sometimes aimed at dutiful or socially appropriate behavior: to endeavor to fulfill one's obligations. There really is no halfhearted endeavoring—this verb is all in. Though for all its striving, endeavor is more commonly used as a noun, as in: The young teacher believed that nurturing the minds of next generation was a noble endeavor.

Commonly found as

endeavor to make
Each of the volunteers endeavored to make a difference in the lives of the young children by spending countless hours reading to them.
always endeavor
The concierge always endeavored in every way to provide the best service to the hotel guests, making all their dinner and daily excursion reservations ahead of time.

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Thursday, April 01, 2021


dupe is a synonym of fool

verb [ doop, dyoop ]

dupe is another word for fool

There’s no shortage of synonyms for the verb fool (or the noun for that matter), and each of them has a slightly different texture. To fool someone is to trick or deceive them. The verb developed from the noun, which, in its earliest uses referred to a silly person or someone who lacks judgement or sense. The suggestion of silliness carries over into the verb, which, as words of deception go, is relatively lighthearted. Dupe is more pointed, emphasizing deception or being cheated, a nuance that is visible in the noun dupe, which refers to a person who is easily deceived or, especially, taken advantage of.

Commonly found as

easily duped
The couple did not like to think that they could be so easily duped by such a brazen charlatan, but they learned their lesson too late.
dupe + investor(s)
Thousands of investors were duped by the elaborate pyramid scheme.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2021


milieu is a synonym of surroundings

noun [ mil-yoo, meel- ]

milieu is another word for surroundings

A person’s surroundings are the things, circumstances, or conditions that make up their environment, especially the physical aspects: He awoke in strange surroundings; she tried to blend in with her surroundings. The noun milieu refers to intangible aspects of an environment, especially those of a social or cultural nature: The artist’s work reflected a very specific cultural milieu. Milieu, a loanword from French, is especially useful for highlighting the character or prevailing attitudes or influences of certain historical periods or of social sets. In this way it is different not only from surroundings, but also from ambiance, which emphasizes the mood or tone of an environment, and setting, which suggests a background that sets something off.

Commonly found as

social/cultural milieu
The curator spent months researching the social and cultural milieu at the time of the earthquake, which was the historical event at the center of her upcoming show.
create + milieu
The designer realized that allowing his assistants to take more time off actually created a more favorable milieu for innovation and creativity.

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