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enduring is a synonym of timeless

adjective [ en-door-ing ]

enduring is another word for timeless

Timeless describes something that is not restricted to a certain time, or does not seem to refer to a certain time (a timeless melody).

Enduring describes something lasting or permanent (an enduring work of literature).

Timeless and enduring both describe things that have lasted, or have lasting appeal (The story felt timeless, even though it had first been told thousands of years ago; The musician’s enduring legacy).

Timeless suggests something eternal, or something that transcends time, whereas enduring suggests something that has remained relevant throughout different time periods.

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respite is a synonym of recess

noun [ res-pit ]

respite is another word for recess

✅ A recess is a temporary break from activity or work (The judge took a short recess).

✅ A respite is a break from something, especially something difficult or stressful (They worked for three days without respite).

Recess is generally used to refer to a scheduled break, and is most commonly used in the context of school, politics, or the justice system (There would be a morning recess between classes).

Respite is generally used to refer to a break, scheduled or not, from something difficult, painful, or trying. Respite suggests a sense of relief or temporary freedom (Sleep offered some respite).

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wintry is a synonym of frosty

adjective [ win-tree ]

wintry is another word for frosty

Frosty describes something very cold or freezing, and in a metaphorical sense means unfriendly and lacking warmth and hospitality (We got a frosty reception from our host).

Wintry describes something that evokes or resembles winter, such as cold (or nippy) and stormy weather, and in a metaphorical sense suggests lacking in warmth and cheer (She turned and looked at us with a wintry scowl).

✅ While both frosty and wintry describe things that are literally or metaphorically cold, frosty specifically suggests the freezing cold: the kind of weather that might create frost. Wintry suggests more general winter-like weather (The air was frosty; We had a week of wintry storms in September).

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