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Synonym of the day

Monday, December 21, 2020


nippy is a synonym of cold

adjective [ nip-ee ]

nippy is another word for cold

Cold describes anything or anyone with a relatively low temperature. People can feel cold on a brisk and breezy day. Beverages can be cold, too, which is usually a good thing! Nippy does not work for people or beverages; this snappy adjective is usually used to describe chilly weather. This term entered English describing things that nip or bite, giving us the association of a sharp or biting cold. Like a nippy dog, a nippy wind may snap at your nose or fingers!

Commonly found as

nippy air
The runners were invigorated by the nippy air on their morning run.
a bit nippy
If you are planning on going outside today, wear a scarf, since it is a bit nippy!

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Sunday, December 20, 2020


reticent is a synonym of reserved

adjective [ ret-uh-suhnt ]

reticent is another word for reserved

We’re going to have to pry information out of today’s word because it is reticent. Reticent means “disposed to be silent or not to speak freely.” This tight-lipped adjective is more specific than its synonym reserved, which is widely used of both speech and actions and implies a guardedness born of caution or a sense of formality. Reticent simply describes people who aren’t inclined to chatter. A word to the wise: reticent is used to mean “reluctant” with some regularity, but style guides urge against this broad interpretation in favor of the more precise application.

Commonly found as

shy and reticent
The celebrity was shy and reticent throughout the interview, revealing next to nothing about her personal life.
usually reticent
The new teacher intrigued the usually reticent students, who were suddenly brimming with questions and excitedly talking over one another.

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Synonym of the day

Saturday, December 19, 2020


enchant is a synonym of delight

verb [ en-chant, -chahnt ]

enchant is another word for delight

To be enchanted by something is to be delighted to a high degree, almost as if you’re under a (delightful) spell! This bewitching verb is a close synonym for delight, but enchant’s magical meanings infuse it with a little more charm. In fairy tales, witches might enchant princes and princesses, subjecting them to magical influence. Outside of fairy tales, the magic suggested by enchant might be more metaphorical than supernatural, but the term retains a touch of the mystical in all its uses. An audience that is enchanted by a performance is not simply delighted, but perhaps mesmerized, entranced, or spellbound by what’s before them.

Commonly found as

continue to enchant
The play Hamilton has continued to enchant audiences since it premiered in 2015.
enchanted by
The visitors to the national park were enchanted by the raw beauty of the landscape.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar
Synonym of the Day Calendar