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Synonym of the day

Saturday, December 19, 2020


enchant is a synonym of delight

verb [ en-chant, -chahnt ]

enchant is another word for delight

To be enchanted by something is to be delighted to a high degree, almost as if you’re under a (delightful) spell! This bewitching verb is a close synonym for delight, but enchant’s magical meanings infuse it with a little more charm. In fairy tales, witches might enchant princes and princesses, subjecting them to magical influence. Outside of fairy tales, the magic suggested by enchant might be more metaphorical than supernatural, but the term retains a touch of the mystical in all its uses. An audience that is enchanted by a performance is not simply delighted, but perhaps mesmerized, entranced, or spellbound by what’s before them.

Commonly found as

continue to enchant
The play Hamilton has continued to enchant audiences since it premiered in 2015.
enchanted by
The visitors to the national park were enchanted by the raw beauty of the landscape.

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Friday, December 18, 2020


bedeck is a synonym of decorate

verb [ bih-dek ]

bedeck is another word for decorate

To decorate something is to add ornamentation to it or to embellish it in some way. To bedeck something is to go all out with your ornamental efforts, adorning that object (be it a tree, a room, or one’s outfit) to the point of gaudiness. (Why not? We’re all friends here!) Bedeck is not a very common term; the shorter verb deck, as in “We were all decked out for the party,” is more familiar. But when bedeck does make an appearance, it's likely for a special occasion. This glitzy verb might describe a person who is drenched in jewels, an architectural feature festooned with flowers, or a tree absolutely covered with ornaments.

Commonly found as

bedeck oneself
Hoping to outshine the artwork at the museum’s opening, she bedecked herself in diamonds and rubies.
tree bedecked with
The tree in the hotel lobby was bedecked with glittery ornaments and multicolored tinsel—it was impossible to miss!

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Synonym of the day

Thursday, December 17, 2020


immaculate is a synonym of clean

adjective [ ih-mak-yuh-lit ]

immaculate is another word for clean

The adjective immaculate describes things that are spotlessly clean or perfectly neat. It’s the adjective to reach for when clean simply isn’t enough. If you go to a friend’s house and their kitchen (inexplicably) has nary a dishtowel out of place nor speck of dust in view, it might qualify as immaculate. Immaculate is one of a handful of prefixed words in English that is better known than its unadorned counterpart: have you ever heard something described as maculate? The odds are no, but maculate is a perfectly fine and real adjective meaning “spotted; stained.”

Commonly found as

immaculate home
The couple's immaculate home was perfectly appointed down to every last detail and looked like something out of a movie set.
absolutely immaculate
After months of sweatshirts and pajamas, she was dumbstruck when she saw her husband dressed up: his suit was absolutely immaculate.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar