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scintillating is a synonym of bright

adjective [ sin-tl-ey-ting ]

scintillating is another word for bright

Bright and scintillating both describe people and things that are lively, witty, and clever (a bright and interesting person; a scintillating performance).

Bright doesn’t always suggest all these meanings together: sometimes it may describe someone witty, and sometimes it may describe someone lively and animated (a bright and eager student).

Scintillating is a much less common word than bright, and generally suggests someone or something particularly witty or particularly animated, and often but not always implies that both these qualities are being shown at the same time (The speech was absolutely scintillating).

Describe a scintillating person you’ve met at a party with the help of Grammar Coach.

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last-minute is a synonym of late

adjective [ last-min-it ]

last-minute is another word for late

Late describes something that happens or comes about after it was supposed to (A late assignment; A late spring).

Last-minute describes something that happens right before or right at the deadline, or at the very last moment it could have (A last-minute announcement; A last-minute change to the schedule).

✅ Something last-minute is almost, but not quite, late. Late suggests that something happened after the deadline (You handed that paper in last-minute! I thought you’d be late!).

Write about something you did last-minute with the help of Grammar Coach.

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elder is a synonym of older

adjective [ el-der ]

elder is another word for older

Older is the more general term. It describes something that is more advanced in age than something else (The tree is older than all the houses on the block).

Elder also describes something that is older than something else, but is almost always used to refer to people (Her elder sister took her to the movies).

Elder is used to indicate which person is the older of any two people (The elder one is in charge). It is used most often to refer to the oldest child in a family.

Describe something silly that an elder sibling, cousin, or friend did with the help of Grammar Coach. Then check out more tree names like elder!

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