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foreseeable is a synonym of predictable

adjective [ fawr-see-uh-buhl ]

foreseeable is another word for predictable

Predictable means something that is expected, or something that can be declared in advance (A predictable choice).

Foreseeable means something that can be seen in advance, or it can mean as far into the future as we can see (His negative reaction was foreseeable; for the foreseeable future).

Predictable emphasizes that something is expected based on previous experience or based on given evidence (His coffee order was predictable), while foreseeable emphasizes that it’s understood that a certain thing might happen, based on reasonable assumptions and current circumstances (The problems were foreseeable).

It’s foreseeable that you’ll find these synonyms interesting!

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season is a synonym of period

noun [ see-zuhn ]

season is another word for period

Period refers to any interval of time that is important, either to a person or people or to history in general, because of something specific about that time (a period of political unrest). It can also refer to a defined section of time (the Tudor period).

Season generally refers to a period of the year characterized by particular conditions of weather, a period in which a natural product or crop is available, or a period in which a certain event takes place (the Christmas season; the football season; blackberry season; the rainy season).

Season can be used to refer to any section of time (The season of her childhood), but when used in this way can sound literary or old-fashioned. However, it wouldn’t refer to a defined section of time. For that, you would use period (the period between August 2020 and November 2021).

‘Tis the season for checking out these synonyms!

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scintillating is a synonym of bright

adjective [ sin-tl-ey-ting ]

scintillating is another word for bright

Bright and scintillating both describe people and things that are lively, witty, and clever (a bright and interesting person; a scintillating performance).

Bright doesn’t always suggest all these meanings together: sometimes it may describe someone witty, and sometimes it may describe someone lively and animated (a bright and eager student).

Scintillating is a much less common word than bright, and generally suggests someone or something particularly witty or particularly animated, and often but not always implies that both these qualities are being shown at the same time (The speech was absolutely scintillating).

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