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pine is a synonym of miss

verb [ pahyn ]

pine is another word for miss

Miss means to notice and feel sad or regretful over the absence of something or someone (I miss my friends).

Pine means to yearn in a deep and longing way (The dog pined for his blanket, which was in the laundry).

Pine can be used to refer to longing or yearning for someone who has a different relationship to you than you would like (He’s pining over that girl from his class that he has a crush on).

Miss almost always refers to feelings for someone who has left or gone away (She missed her family while she was on vacation).

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momentous is a synonym of important

adjective [ moh-men-tuhs ]

momentous is another word for important

✅ Something important is of great significance or consequence (They had to make an important decision; She was an important researcher in her field).

✅ Something momentous is of great or far-reaching importance (It was a momentous occasion when she published her autobiography).

✅ While important is a general, and often overused term that can refer to people or things, momentous tends to emphasize the seriousness of an event or statement (There have been a lot of important moments in the women’s rights movement, but Sojourner Truth’s speech, ‘And ain’t I a woman?’ was truly momentous).

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spruce is a synonym of tidy

verb [ sproos ]

spruce is another word for tidy

Tidy means to make something neat, organized, or orderly (Tidy your room before dinner).

Spruce means to make something look neat and elegant, and is often followed by the word up (I spruced up my kitchen with a new coat of paint).

✅ Both tidy and spruce generally suggest making something look better than it did before.

Tidy suggests organizing things, and putting away clutter. Spruce can include organizing, but also suggests cleaning or redecorating (We have to tidy the house before we can leave on vacation; I think it’s time we spruced up the garage).

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