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replacement is a synonym of substitution

noun [ ri-pleys-muhnt ]

replacement is another word for substitution

Substitution refers to the act of substituting or swapping, or to the thing that is put in place of something else (We made a substitution for chicken instead of beef in today's lunch).

Replacement refers to the act of replacing or putting something in the place of something else, or to the thing that replaces something else (Janice is Sandra’s replacement).

Substitution suggests a temporary situation in which one thing is swapped out for another (The restaurant allows substitutions), while replacement suggests a permanent swapping out of one thing for another, especially another item of the same type (His toy broke so I bought him a replacement).

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hesitate is a synonym of pause

verb [ hez-i-teyt ]

hesitate is another word for pause

Pause means to stop before continuing on, and often suggests stopping for a purpose and with the intention of continuing at a later point (He paused for a drink of water).

Hesitate means to make a brief stop, similar to a pause, but often suggests a reluctance to continue, or a need to ready yourself before continuing (They hesitated, not sure of what to say next).

Hesitate suggests the presence of some sort of emotion, thought, or physical need that causes the stop, which is often unplanned, while pause often suggests a planned, more purposeful stop (The lawyer hesitated, and braced himself to deliver bad news; She paused to make sure everyone was paying attention).

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novelty is a synonym of newness

noun [ nov-uhl-tee ]

novelty is another word for newness

Newness and novelty both refer to something being new, and therefore special in some way (The novelty of a new routine cheered me up).

Newness refers to something new in a fresh or original way (The glossy newness of the mug made it difficult to use, because I was afraid of breaking it). It also suggests something that seems new or is new in a fleeting way (The newness of his car stood out against his tired, run-down house).

Novelty refers to something new, unique, or original, and is therefore interesting and exciting (The novelty of the new TV series wore off quickly).

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