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reverent is a synonym of respectful

adjective [ rev-er-uhnt ]

reverent is another word for respectful

Respectful describes showing politeness and deference to someone or something (She was very respectful when speaking to her boss).

Reverent describes showing particular politeness and deference, along with a sense of awe or veneration (He had a reverent attitude toward the famous writer).

Respectful and reverent can both suggest that you are putting someone or something above yourself in a hierarchy. This sense of hierarchy is much stronger in reverent (He’s unnecessarily reverent towards his teachers; She’s respectful to everyone, but expects respect in return).

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adverb [ kuhn-kur-uhnt-lee ]

concurrently is another word for simultaneously

Simultaneously means at the same time (They were all talking simultaneously).

Concurrently means at the same time, and can also mean together or in tandem (The book will be released concurrently with the film).

Simultaneously is the more common word, while concurrently is often used in the context of the justice system (The two prison sentences would be served concurrently, rather than consecutively).

Concurrently can also suggest that the two things happening at the same time are connected and influence each other.

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convene is a synonym of meet

verb [ kuhn-veen ]

convene is another word for meet

Meet and convene both refer to people coming to the same place at the same time, either by their own agreement or because they have been told to do so (The club meets at the cafe every week; The board convened once a month to discuss any new issues).

Meet is a more general word, and can refer to any kind of group coming together for any purpose (We meet twice a week to go over the class assignments).

Convene suggests a more formal purpose, often as part of a certain job or position (The superheroes convened to discuss the new villain).

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