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fatalistic is a synonym of pessimistic

adjective [ feyt-l-is-tik ]

fatalistic is another word for pessimistic

Pessimistic describes a state of mind in which you expect only bad things to happen, or feel gloomy and unhopeful (I was pessimistic about my exam results).

Fatalistic describes a state of mind in which you see events as inevitable or predetermined, so that your choices and efforts will make no difference (He is fatalistic about his job search).

✅ While both fatalistic and pessimistic usually suggest negative states of mind, they are actually pretty different in meaning.

Pessimistic suggests expecting only bad things to happen, whereas fatalistic suggests that your choices will have no impact on the outcome of things (They were always pessimistic about making friends; While she was fatalistic about politics, she was generally pretty cheerful).

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ebullient is a synonym of enthusiastic

adjective [ ih-buhl-yuhnt, ih-bool- ]

ebullient is another word for enthusiastic

Enthusiastic describes being full of lively and intense interest and often excitement (She was very enthusiastic about my cooking).

Ebullient describes being so full of enthusiasm that it seems to bubble over (He was ebullient at the awards ceremony).

✅ Although both enthusiastic and ebullient describe a sense of interest, excitement, and fervor, ebullient, the less common of the two, suggests that these feelings are particularly intense (It was nice to see her so ebullient about the results).

We hope you’re as ebullient about these synonyms as we are!

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dubitable is a synonym of questionable

adjective [ doo-bi-tuh-buhl, dyoo- ]

dubitable is another word for questionable

Questionable describes something that is open to question or dispute, or is uncertain (They made questionable choices about peanut butter and pineapple sandwiches).

Dubitable also describes something that is uncertain, or open to doubt (The research was dubitable).

Questionable and dubitable both might describe something someone says, if it seems inaccurate (His version of events was dubitable; Her testimony was questionable).

Dubitable is a much less common word than questionable, but it might sound familiar because of its opposite, indubitable.

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