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entry is a synonym of access

noun [ en-tree ]

entry is another word for access

Access refers to the right or ability to approach, enter, or use something (He had access to the garden).

Entry refers to the right to enter something (She was denied entry).

Access is a more general word than entry, as it can also refer to the ability to use or reach something (I couldn’t get access to the house because the drive was overgrown).

Write about someone being denied entry to a party or event, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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youthful is a synonym of young

adjective [ yooth-fuhl ]

youthful is another word for young

Young and youthful can both describe being in an early stage of life, or seeming like it (a young kitten; a youthful man).

Young is a pretty general word, used to refer to things that are immature or still developing (a young tree; She’s a bit young for that TV show).

Youthful is usually used to refer to things that have the positive qualities of being young, like hopefulness, enthusiasm, and health, or that seem young in terms of appearance or manner (Her sense of fun kept her feeling youthful).

Describe a strangely youthful person with the help of Grammar Coach.

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arbiter is a synonym of mediator

noun [ ahr-bi-ter ]

arbiter is another word for mediator

Mediator and arbiter both refer to someone who settles an issue (We hired a mediator to solve our workplace dispute; My friend was appointed arbiter so that our game of musical chairs didn’t get out of hand).

Mediator emphasizes the neutrality of a person who helps settle disputes, often in a way that satisfies everyone involved (The mediator helped us come to a solution that worked for everyone).

Arbiter emphasizes that a person has been given the power to make decisions, whether those decisions satisfy everyone involved or not (We disagreed with the arbiter, but it wasn’t worth arguing).

When was the last time a game got so heated that you needed an arbiter? Write about it with the help of Grammar Coach!

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