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positive is a synonym of confident

adjective [ poz-i-tiv ]

positive is another word for confident

Confident describes a sense of full assurance and belief in something (I’m confident about our chances of winning).

Positive describes being fully confident in an opinion or assertion (I’m positive I locked the front door).

Positive and confident both suggest a similar level of assurance (He was confident that he would do well; She was positive that they would like the present); however, positive is a more informal word than confident.

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tranquility is a synonym of peace

noun [ trang-kwil-i-tee ]

tranquility is another word for peace

Peace and tranquility both refer to a similar feeling or state of calmness, ease, or serenity (It’s nice to have peace and quiet; The yoga studio was a place of tranquility).

Peace is a general term, and can refer to an overall feeling of freedom from anxiety, busyness, distraction, and so on, but individually. Peace can for example describe a state of being free from anxiety, though you still might be distracted (He felt a sense of peace after his exams were over).

Tranquility refers more simply to an overarching feeling of freedom from all these pressures (The cruise offered tranquility and rest).

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deteriorate is a synonym of worsen

verb [ dih-teer-ee-uh-reyt ]

deteriorate is another word for worsen

Worsen is a general word, which can refer to any kind of getting worse (The weather worsened overnight; Her sewing worsened when she was tired).

✅ Deteriorate suggests gradually becoming worse. It emphasizes the idea of wearing out or wearing down, even when the thing referred to can’t literally wear out (The quality of instant noodles has deteriorated; The company’s reputation had deteriorated over the years).

✅ Deteriorate is slightly more formal, although it is used more often.

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