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blunder is a synonym of error

noun [ bluhn-der ]

blunder is another word for error

Error refers to an unintentional and usually small mistake in terms of accuracy, or sometimes behavior (an error in the paperwork).

Blunder refers to a silly mistake, suggesting ignorance, awkwardness, or carelessness (He made a few blunders at his first dinner party).

Error doesn’t necessarily imply anything about the person making the mistake, whereas blunder implies that the mistake was made out of carelessness or ignorance (I started to dislike her after her blunder in front of the ambassador; We all make errors from time to time).

Error and blunder can be used to minimize a larger mistake, by making it sound smaller, less serious, or less deserving of blame than it is (She made an error that led to a data leak; The politician made a blunder during trade talks).

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affluent is a synonym of rich

adjective [ af-loo-uhnt or, often, uh-floo- ]

affluent is another word for rich

Rich is a general word to describe someone who has a lot of money or similar kinds of resources (a rich businesswoman).

Affluent is the best word to describe someone who has a lot of money in addition to a socially desirable lifestyle and social prestige and privilege (an affluent family).

Affluent can describe social position just as much as it describes how much money you have (They were affluent, though they didn’t consider themselves rich).

Rich can sometimes suggest that you’ve only recently become wealthy, whereas affluent generally suggests that you’ve been wealthy for generations (An ancient and affluent lineage; She struck it rich in the transportation industry).

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slothful is a synonym of idle

adjective [ slawth-fuhl, slohth- ]

slothful is another word for idle

Idle is the best word to describe someone who is not working, whether that’s because they’re unemployed, on vacation, or otherwise not doing anything at the time (It was nice to be idle for a while).

Slothful is the best word to describe someone who is unwilling to do anything, especially when sharing a workload with someone else (He was so slothful that no one wanted him in their group).

Slothful and idle can both describe personality traits, and are both used negatively in this context with slothful emphasizing laziness to the point that it makes things difficult for other people (They’ve always been slothful; What an idle person).

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