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On this page you'll find 191 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to wideness, such as: broadness, diameter, latitude, span, spread, and distance across.

How to use wideness in a sentence

  • His nose was so flat one would hardly have noticed there was a nose at all, except for the wideness of the nostrils.

  • And he had seen its wideness, its deepness, even though the merest trifle of it showed upon the surface of her courtesy.

    To Him That Hath | Leroy Scott
  • A willow and no window, a wide place stranger, a wideness makes an active center.

    Tender Buttons | Gertrude Stein
  • "I'm simply—simply—broken up, Miss Margery," and the girl's eyes looked at him with a sweet wideness that made it harder.

    A Good Samaritan | Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews
  • There was no loyalty between them; they were kept together only by a common avarice, and by fear of the wideness of the Northland.

    Murder Point | Coningsby Dawson

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