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Instead, they can turn to a variety of websites that let people loan out their cryptocurrency, often for high rates of interest.CRYPTO SOARS AGAIN AS TRADERS EMBRACE ‘DEFI’ AND ‘YIELD FARMING’—BUT SOME SEE ECHOES OF THE 2017 BUBBLEJEFFAUGUST 25, 2020FORTUNE
The company is also letting consumers apply the 50% bonus they receive when spending rewards points for travel to a variety of other items under a “Pay Yourself Back” program.CHASE’S SAPPHIRE CARD CREATED A MILLENNIAL ‘CULT.’ CAN IT LAST THROUGH COVID?JEFFAUGUST 24, 2020FORTUNE
This is a system that assigns trustworthiness scores to individuals, companies, organizations, and governments on the basis of a variety of behaviors.THE CHINESE AND U.S. INTERNETS ARE DRIFTING APART. WHY THAT’S BAD FOR THE WHOLE WORLDJAKEMETHAUGUST 21, 2020FORTUNE
This year’s Digiday Media Awards Europe honor a wide variety of publishers, media brands, advertisers and technology companies.SKY NEWS, HEARST UK AND RT ARE DIGIDAY MEDIA AWARDS EUROPE WINNERSDIGIDAY AWARDSAUGUST 21, 2020DIGIDAY
Canoo says this modular approach will allow the company to serve a variety of market segments at reduced cost.ELECTRIC-VEHICLE STARTUP CANOO TO GO PUBLIC, JOINING THE WAVE OF COMPANIES CHASING TESLA’S SUCCESSDZANEMORRISAUGUST 18, 2020FORTUNE
Blockchains are most famously associated with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but are also being used in a wide variety of other applications, including finance and supply chains.THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE IS SEEKING A PATENT FOR VOTING BY PHONEJEFFAUGUST 17, 2020FORTUNE
It turned out that, through a variety of counterstrategies, ad blocking became more of a commonplace irritation.INSIDE TONY HAILE’S EXPEDITION TO (HELP) SAVE THE NEWS BUSINESS STEVEN PERLBERGJULY 27, 2020DIGIDAY
The guests on the podcast come from a variety of companies and backgrounds, some of whom work at very large, global companies.THE MINORITY REPORT IS PROVIDING A PLAYBOOK FOR DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION IN THE MEDIA INDUSTRYKAYLEIGH BARBERJULY 20, 2020DIGIDAY
Different cytokines have different duties and activity, and they can elicit a variety of responses once they bind to a receptor.CORONAVIRUS DEATHS AND THOSE OF GEORGE FLOYD AND AHMAUD ARBERY HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON: RACISMLGBTQ-EDITORJUNE 10, 2020NO STRAIGHT NEWS
You can get an idea of the incredible variety of experiences of the lockdown among these different groups through their responses to just a few questions.THREE WAYS PEOPLE ARE REACTING TO CORONAVIRUS: ‘ACCEPTING’, ‘SUFFERING’ AND ‘RESISTING’LGBTQ-EDITORMAY 1, 2020NO STRAIGHT NEWS


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