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noun as in large tooth

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Classifying these remains as tusks or teeth, and understanding when the creatures they came from existed and how they are related, helps give a more complete picture of the history of dicynodonts, and how tusks in mammals today came to be.

Elephants use their tusks for a variety of tasks, including stripping bark off of trees and digging for subterranean minerals and water sources.

The post Ivory poaching has triggered a surge in elephants born without tusks appeared first on Popular Science.

Special banks accept pig tusks, which are considered sacred in the region and have been used as ceremonial currency since ancient times.

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Poaching was also ruled out, because the elephants’ bodies were intact with their tusks.

In the film world, it was really Kevin Smith who brought Osment back into the fold with Tusk.

Johnny Depp has a pretty sizeable role in Tusk as the Montreal private eye Guy LaPointe.

The first sequence of the show was set to "Tusk" by Fleetwood Mac.

As a patron of Tusk Trust, a conservation charity, Williamtravelled to Botswana in 2010 to raise awareness of the issue.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk is making his first visit to Canada this week.

Some of them are found to have but one tusk, the other being torn out in fighting with each other, or falling out through age.

As for his face, all tusk and jaw and no brow, where had Parr gotten such an idea of it?

He held in his hand a curious wooden spear with a loose barb tipped with the tusk of a walrus.

I was therefore very desirous of adding the tusk of one of these wild boars to my trophies of the chase.

The three elephants killed were all bulls, that of Mr. Wallace having only one tusk.


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