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adjective as in bending

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adjective as in rising

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Flying saucers hover here and there, red spirals echo the poster for Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “Vertigo,” and the general trippiness is a flashback to acid-rock light shows.

In restaurants, the consequences of the death spiral of pandemic mismanagement are glaringly obvious, and speak to a larger breakdown in public life.

From Eater

The whales with spiraled tusks jutting from their heads have been known to live in small groups that, at times, come together to form large pods.

Life’s stresses cloud my thinking and I spiral into a downward circle of frustration, fear and doubt.

From Fortune

In 2007, we were watching someone spiral away from the constraint of her managers and image-handlers and ultimately even out of her own control.

From Vox

So, only when you have spiraling matter down do you get these ferocious, black hole jets.

A shock or recession could send deficits spiraling much higher.

Authorities in Hong Kong, at least for the moment, have lost control of spiraling protests in the city.

Spiraling gun violence has earned Chicago the nickname Chiraq.

Have you ever found yourself spiraling a bit out of control on booze or drugs?

He lay on the rocks and sand, his mind spiraling toward unconsciousness, and let his body make its own recovery.

The squadron was spiraling upward in close formation with his plane above them when the enemy struck.

Hands were laid on him and the roughness with which he was moved sent Ross spiraling back into the dark once again.

The spark descended rather slowly, with a spiraling movement, and trailing the heavy smoke.

They then ascended interminable moldy stone steps spiraling upward in a circular shaft.


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