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Not an acre of all the land which lay south of them, Kentucky, but was drenched by blood they spilt.

Such an one might have spilt all the slush in the ship, without getting so much as a cuff.

The fellow died gurgling, picking futilely at his spilt entrails.

The Buttoned SkyGeoff St. Reynard

As the shadows darkened like spilt ink, their clanging notes came down to the lonely drake.

Wild FolkSamuel Scoville

He observes also that some of the water is spilt on the ground.

He gulped down a mouthful, and some of it was spilt on his shirt-front.

The Moon and SixpenceW. Somerset Maugham

But there is a useful old adage which bids us not cry for spilt milk.

The Duke's ChildrenAnthony Trollope

And ere we cease this battle-cry, Be all our blood, our kindred's spilt, On bayonet or sabre hilt!

Enouch of blood by me's been spilt, Seek not zour death frae mee; I rather lourd it had been my sel Than eather him or thee.

She did not expect that Tom could get out of his trouble by denying that he spilt the ink on the book himself; and she was right.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, CompleteMark Twain (Samuel Clemens)


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