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noun as in sleep

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With the right app, your phone can keep tabs on your slumber too.

ScanWatch by WithingsA smartwatch to help detect sleep apneaObstructive sleep apnea is a disorder in which the muscles that keep our airways open relax during slumber, narrowing or stopping flow and causing periodic gaps in breathing.

Scientists have yet to pinpoint the roots of this phenomenon, but some think it occurs when the brain crosses wires between conscious awareness and the dream-filled REM stage of slumber.

Brian, my boyfriend, practically leapt from his slumber and bonked his head against the insulated metal ceiling of my minivan, stunned awake.

What’s more, the liberation of coronavirus strictures will be unevenly distributed, as some regions spring to life and others haltingly come out of slumber.

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Paul and McCain do not exactly have a history of slumber parties and hair-braiding.

More than one-quarter of Americans are stealing those precious hours from their slumber, and are paying a steep price for it.

No one had any difficulties sleeping the deep, untroubled slumber of the brave and the just.

That our Post-Puberty Dennis the Menace appears to be lost in such deep slumber seems only understandable.

The way he goes about this vengeance, however, is enough a snooze for you to want to close your own coffin for an eternal slumber.

Finding him awake, he sat by his side and, with the earnestness of a nursery-maid, patted him off to slumber.

The smile was still on his lips when his head drooped on a piece of ice, and he sank into a deep slumber.

These instructions were obeyed implicitly, and soon the camp was buried in apparent slumber.

Yung Pak and the other members of the family also retired, and were soon buried in peaceful slumber.

He never made any attempt to learn the abstract science of war, and until stirred by danger his character seemed to slumber.


On this page you'll find 42 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to slumber, such as: coma, dormancy, stupor, doze, drowse, and inactivity.

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