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How to use selfsame in a sentence

  • Her eyes were as they had been that day near this selfsame spot years before, kind and endearing.

    The Homesteader | Oscar Micheaux
  • The old manservant was the selfsame man who had so devotedly served the previous tenant.

    The Doctor of Pimlico | William Le Queux
  • The selfsame trick, if trick it was, is repeated night after night, without variation.

  • And his companion heard, almost with a shudder, the selfsame words from the priest, as the kneeling of the congregation subsided.

    Somehow Good | William de Morgan
  • Indeed, I recognized that his face had assumed the selfsame look of insolent familiarity it wore when he spoke of Cleremont.

    That Boy Of Norcott's | Charles James Lever

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