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The hardware apparently dates back to plans to revitalize Windows for phones, but after that plan fell through, the hardware was upcycled into the most head-scratching Android phone of the year.SURFACE DUO REVIEW—ORPHANED WINDOWS HARDWARE MAKES A POOR ANDROID DEVICERON AMADEOOCTOBER 16, 2020ARS TECHNICA
Target in 2017 launched a $7 billion program to update its stores to resounding success, revitalizing a big-box chain that had lost its way but is now raking in record in-store and online sales.WALMART UNVEILS NEW STORE DESIGN INSPIRED BY AMAZON AND AIRPORTSPHIL WAHBASEPTEMBER 30, 2020FORTUNE
It protects the high limit in coastal neighborhoods and revitalizes this landlocked district.POLITICS REPORT: FORGED FOOTNOTE 15SCOTT LEWIS AND ANDREW KEATTSSEPTEMBER 12, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
“These incentives are highly underutilized and have the potential to unleash a series of opportunities in distressed communities, revitalizing the economy, creating jobs, affordable housing, and healthier neighborhoods,” he said.NEW SOUTH BAY SUPERVISOR’S TO-DO LIST: ENSURE AN EQUITABLE RECOVERYMAYA SRIKRISHNANAUGUST 31, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
It never works to revitalize those neighborhoods, but it’s a policy that endures.SHOULD AMERICA (AND FIFA) PAY REPARATIONS? (EP. 426)STEPHEN J. DUBNERJULY 16, 2020FREAKONOMICS
THE primary value of the patriotic play lies in its appeal to the love of country, and its power to revitalize the past.PATRIOTIC PLAYS AND PAGEANTS FOR YOUNG PEOPLECONSTANCE D'ARCY MACKAY
To his notion, the thing most needed to revitalize Prouty was an electric car-line.THE FIGHTING SHEPHERDESS CAROLINE LOCKHART
In the U-boat there were potash cartridges to take up the carbon-dioxide, and tanks of pure oxygen to revitalize the air.INVENTIONS OF THE GREAT WARA. RUSSELL (ALEXANDER RUSSELL) BOND
Concurrently, he devoted the aforementioned enthusiasm to heading a program to revitalize the game; with significant results.SQUASH TENNISRICHARD C. SQUIRES
Exercise will relax the muscles and call for blood which will revitalize and stimulate the weakened conditions.ALCOHOL: A DANGEROUS AND UNNECESSARY MEDICINE, HOW AND WHYMARTHA M. ALLEN


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