Thesaurus / retrograded


Only they had retrograded in the strange scale of evolution.

The universities, however, under the control of the schoolmen, retrograded and decayed because they chose to remain mediæval.

Colleges in AmericaJohn Marshall Barker

I can confidently, though with regret, say that the Order has retrograded to a considerable extent.

I know no country that has retrograded in opinion so much as our own, within the last five years.

A Residence in FranceJ. Fenimore Cooper

And I am convinced we have retrograded, so far as the serious and tragic are concerned.

Nat Goodwin's BookNat C. Goodwin

Women had retrograded to the old circular idea; they had given up their pokes.

The quality of the company improved, too—or retrograded, according to the point of view.

The UnderdogF. Hopkinson Smith

Since the day when his promotion had brought his adjutant, Brodsky, to the colonelcy, the regiment had retrograded steadily.

The GeniusMargaret Horton Potter

Nor is a change of views necessarily a reproach to a politician, even though he may have retrograded or gone wrong.

In the matter of writing for more voices than one we have retrograded considerably since the days of Bach.

Old FogyJames Huneker
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