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adjective as in recessive

adjective as in retrograde

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Republicans are receding from some of the most influential governments.

The switch reflects recent changes in other North County cities, as the Republican Party largely recedes from view in the county’s most influential governments.

He’s slight, with thick glasses and sandy hair that’s receding, shirtless because he gets overheated easily, his mom explained.

When the crisis recedes, each of us will decide what our journeys will look like in a post-pandemic world — and if we’re willing to take a chance on the strangers we encounter there.

Although “some folks are kind of doubling down, tripling down, it’s just receding to an ever-smaller, more marginal set of folks,” Schmidt said.

In Turkey, some mothers find their paradise at the Esme Beltagy Center in Esenler, while others see paradise receding.

Manning is a broad man with salt and pepper hair, a receding hairline, and rimless glasses.

He is a relatively young man with a trim, tight beard and receding hairline.

In the longer term, she sees big strides in preventing tartar build-up and halting receding gums.

But six years later, the right-wing talk-radio crowd is receding in relevance as their listeners age out of existence.

Ze under lip rather retires, and this adds to the receding effect of the chin, you see.

On the dahabeeyah, which began to look as if it were a long way off and were receding from her, shone a red and a blue light.

Before he could do anything with it, Clip grabbed it out of his hand, leveled it after the receding form, and pulled the trigger.

He stole to his window and lent an ear, but the voices were receding, and to his vexation he caught nothing of what was said.

Crushed by that bolt from the blue, Richard sat as if stunned, the flush receding from his face until his very lips were livid.


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