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noun as in birthplace

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We agonized over what to do with boxes of hand-embroidered napkins and tablecloths, many with notes from our mom pinned to them as to their provenance.

To be able to get an aircraft with this kind of record, this kind of provenance .

The Himalayan salts, or halite as the mineral is called, were—if the provenance is authentic—ancient.

Campaigns often purchase lists of profile names from third parties or create the lists themselves, but the provenance of how a campaign matched a voter to a Facebook profile is excruciatingly hard to track.

Starting in the 1990s, however, scientists like me began using cheaper and easier techniques to determine Martian provenance, such as oxygen isotopic compositions, which are like atomic barcodes that are unique for each planet.

Today, a lack of provenance often means one of two things: an artifact is forged or an artifact was illegally acquired.

“All good dealers and collectors look into provenance,” says Loll.

The program has been called “absurd,” and shouldered judgments for its male-devised provenance.

The new Sappho papyrus probably came from Egypt and perhaps from Oxyrynchus, but its provenance may never be known.

The company prides itself on the provenance of its blades, which, while cheap, are hardly commodities.

There where true grace simply used ease and provenance, affected grace becomes effeminacy.

As well make a point of recalling the provenance of any little thing that had happened in this his present life.

The legendary matter, too, has but few traces of Jewish provenance, and is clearly not due to Jewish redaction.

Provenance, prov′e-nans, n. the source from which anything comes or is derived.

Anon cometh a white rag thinly from the inner tent—mark her provenance.


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