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noun as in fountain

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To his left, he watched a chunk of steel strike a fellow officer above the eye, setting off a geyser of blood.

One of the most fundamental questions about geysers is why they erupt to certain heights, he adds — and why, for example, Steamboat can shoot water over 100 meters into the air, while Old Faithful’s fountain is perhaps a third as high.

A recent reawakening of the tallest geyser in the world is not a harbinger of an imminent volcanic eruption, a new study reports.

Bring a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate in case you have to wait for the geyser to erupt.

Shortly after Taylor’s death, the ground shook a few miles north and a 60-foot geyser blew skyward.

The oil geyser has shot them to different financial universes, but they still understand each other perfectly.

This prompts Sarah Lynn to stab herself with a Confederate bayonet letter-opener, causing a geyser of blood.

There was a tremendous splash, and a small-sized geyser shot upward.

The famous geyser shown in the illustration is called “Old Faithful” because of the clock-like regularity of its eruptions.

She is right, it is petroleum; there are here wells of it, from which it bursts up with great force sometimes, like a geyser.

Toward the geyser hurried Frank, still looking for his companion.

Unlike that of the Great Geyser, it is always in ebullition, and its temperature is subject to comparatively slight differences.


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