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Social media has precipitated new types of totemism — the work of what being a fan means has been questioned, particularly after a death.AFTER THE UNTIMELY DEATHS OF YOUNG RAPPERS, FANS ARE DETERMINED TO CONTINUE THEIR LEGACYILANA KAPLANDECEMBER 4, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Some changes were precipitated by what happened in 2016, while others were driven by the challenges facing the polling industry, such as low response rates to phone calls and the greater cost of high-quality polling.WHAT POLLSTERS HAVE CHANGED SINCE 2016 — AND WHAT STILL WORRIES THEM ABOUT 2020GEOFFREY SKELLEY (GEOFFREY.SKELLEY@ABC.COM)OCTOBER 13, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
As I learned about the attack on Beirut, and the Hezbollah-led border raid that precipitated it, my stomach turned.HOW BIKING ACROSS AMERICA FORMED AN UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIPRAFFI JOE WARTANIANOCTOBER 8, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
The China debacle directly “precipitated” the current project, says Kay Davies, a geneticist at Oxford University and co-chair of the new panel.THE “STAGED ROLLOUT” OF GENE-MODIFIED BABIES COULD START WITH SICKLE-CELL DISEASEAMY NORDRUMSEPTEMBER 3, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
As the water cools, then, the sugar slowly precipitates out — becoming solid again.ROCK CANDY SCIENCE 2: NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH SUGARBETHANY BROOKSHIREAPRIL 30, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
Results are in terms of bulk of precipitate, which must not be confused with percentage by weight.A MANUAL OF CLINICAL DIAGNOSISJAMES CAMPBELL TODD
She felt that her summary was precipitate, and drawing herself up defiantly looked hard at Mrs. Leslie.ANCESTORSGERTRUDE ATHERTON
Strong gold & heavy precipitate in test, silver test poor but on filtering showed like white of egg in tube (unusual).CABIN FEVERB. M. BOWER
Some slight injury in the abdomen, as from a blow or a kick, may precipitate an attack in predisposed individuals.ESSAYS IN PASTORAL MEDICINEAUSTIN MALLEY
I would leave no room for the torturing thought that had I been less precipitate she would have been more kindly.A VIRGINIA SCOUTHUGH PENDEXTER


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