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noun as in solid residue from liquid solution

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In total, microbes in those sediments, which in some places might extend kilometers below the seafloor, collectively use a mere tenth of a percent of the power consumed in the upper 200 meters of the ocean.

An analysis of seafloor sediments dating from 13 million to nearly 102 million years ago found that nearly all of the microbes in the sediments were only dormant, not dead.

Volcanoes, metamorphic rocks and the oxidization of carbon in eroded sediments all emit carbon dioxide into the sky, while chemical reactions with silicate minerals remove carbon dioxide and bury it as limestone.

He also put his diving experience to use, cutting into the ice of the alpine Castle Lake and then swimming to the bottom more than 100 feet below to collect sediment samples.

Thousands of brachiopod fossils at the site had been clustered in sediment once covered by the sea.

The large bottle is served slightly on its side in a wicker basket so the sediment can sink to the bottom.

During dry periods, the prints fermented, and when the rain returned, they were preserved under layers of sediment and mud.

He works for the National Park Service on "erosion and sediment control."

The same levees that have prevented floods have also prevented river sediment from replenishing the land naturally.

Fresh river water, carrying its rich load of sediment, no longer reaches and replenishes the Delta.

When the sediment is abundant, casts, being light structures, will be found near the top.

When at all abundant, pus forms a white sediment resembling amorphous phosphates macroscopically.

In gonorrhoea gonococci are sometimes found in the sediment, but more commonly in the "gonorrheal threads," or "floaters."

The sediment contains a few hyaline and finely granular casts and an occasional red blood-cell.

The sediment usually contains abundant amorphous phosphates and crystals of triple phosphate and ammonium urate.


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