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Other events are cancelled amid breakthrough infections and a stubborn portion of the populace that refuses to take the shot.

As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.

Amar notes that these men argued in a style that might be easily read by the people, but the populace at large, it appears, has dropped out of the conversation entirely.

Even for a populace very used to some unexpected downside emerging, it’s hard to see where one might emerge in this case.

Most people in most places were ruled by brute power or by old customs that the populace had never formally consented to in any self-conscious moment of collective choice.

From Time

He proposed among other things that police departments must better reflect the ethnic makeup of the populace.

In Revolution, Brand bemoans our “uninformed populace,” while repeatedly proving his point with fantastically wrong information.

He studied our use of language and the way that words are manipulated to manipulate the populace.

In order for the populace to lead balanced and productive lives, manipulative forces must provide scripted risk.

The Muslim populace who love and support you will never find palatable...the scenes of slaughtering the hostages.

He was accustomed, at his return, or issuing from his gates, to be hailed and lackied by the acclamations of the populace.

The populace was greatly excited, and a crowded house greeted his appearance.

He was the man made for the time—precisely the middle term between the reign of the nobility and the reign of the populace.

The Jacobins now made a direct and infamous attempt to turn the rage of the populace against Madame Roland.

Luckily, the time fixed for the revolution passed over, without the populace fulfilling its threats.


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