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verb as in fertilize

verb as in fertilize with pollen

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These bees pollinate many of the crop plants that provide food for people.

About one-third of all of the food we eat comes from plants pollinated by bees.

QuickTake has reached more than 50 million people across all of its social channels and Cowgill said that her team will be marketing the OTT channel to those platforms to try and cross-pollinate the social audience with the OTT audience.

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On average, 95 percent of the 50 pollinated blossoms on each tree formed fruits.

Those trees bore about as much fruit as trees pollinated using a traditional method of hand pollination, the researchers report online June 17 in iScience.

Their nightly flights bring with them the powers to pollinate plants and control insect populations.

Besides honey production, honeybees are bred commercially for their ability to pollinate 90 crops, including many fruits and nuts.

Stoke: "Persian walnuts may not pollinate black walnut, but black walnut has pollinated the Persian walnut in known instances."

With less vigorous plants and on dark days it is necessary to hand pollinate the flowers.

Man and the domesticated animals undoubtedly frequently pollinate flowers by brushing past them through the fields.

There is many a pecan planting in Kentucky that was a failure because there wasn't anything to pollinate.

Thus the flowers attempt to secure cross-pollination; but, failing this, pollinate themselves.


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