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noun as in fake pill

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Proof of efficacy requires controlled studies in which some patients get plasma and others get a placebo.

If members of the placebo group contract covid-19 and members of the vaccinated group don’t, that indicates success.

They vaccinated volunteers and then, 24 hours later, gave them either the experimental antibody drug or a placebo.

A large number of people are given either the vaccine or a placebo and then sent back to live their lives, assuming that some of them, at some point, will be exposed to the virus.

Mice treated with a placebo drug or Brd4 inhibitor alone fared worse.

There is some scientific merit to some alternative modalities, such as the well-documented placebo effect.

After the surgery he discovered that he had simply drunk fruit juice with added sugar and he had been given a placebo.

Nobody conceived of a thing like the placebo effect or researcher bias —none of these notions had been worked out yet.

Those who had received the actual drug reported better levels of self-satisfaction than the unfortunates who just got the placebo.

The second is the placebo effect, which will often cause anything presented as medication to “work.”

It is a milder form of this same method to give what the learned faculty term a placebo.

We are interested in what makes the placebo act as effectively as the true medication.

This is a last phase of the metaphysical polity, and is only a kind of placebo.

Hence the complacent brother in the Marchant's Tale is called Placebo.'

We'll call this the placebo criticism and will come back to it, too, in a moment.


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