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noun as in impartiality

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To ensure this work is done with transparency and oversight, it is crucial for City Council candidates to maintain their objectivity and avoid political entanglements that would undermine the legitimacy of their decisions.

The situation has highlighted a divide over the subject of journalistic objectivity and put a spotlight on the role unions play in protecting journalists from harsh punishments for a contentious tweet.

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They became pals but not so close that Ramsey-Zoe couldn’t direct Friend without objectivity.

Most journalists are discouraged from taking part in off-the-clock activities that could call their objectivity into question.

The whole point of risk-limiting audits is that machines are great for speed, accuracy, and objectivity—but let’s audit them to make sure they don’t make mistakes and they haven’t been hacked.

Did the reporters and editors put much value on on accuracy and objectivity, or were they more a part of the party machine?

Any news group that aims for the elusive ideal of objectivity is de facto liberal, in their view.

Was it challenging to film these interviews and scenes and maintain some kind of directorial objectivity?

The Emmy Award-winning Gupta “feels good” to bring a measure of objectivity to a story with such hoopla attached to it.

Credit Winfrey, first, with adding gravitas and objectivity to what is ultimately a blatant and shameless grab for ratings.

The authors of Russian Traits and Terrors speak of him as "one whose scientific accuracy and objectivity is beyond praise."

This objectivity does not leave him even in cases where one would certainly expect him to express an opinion of his own.

Through all of Spektor's works passes the same melancholy strain, coupled with a strict objectivity of conception.

She unites her husband's objectivity with a fine discrimination of humor which is her own.

But this objectivity, though intellectually honest, tells the child only what other people believe.


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