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For example, a 2017 study demonstrated that nerve signals could be used for precise control of prosthetic limbs.

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For example, at least half a dozen studies have found that stimulating the limb area acupoint can suppress systemic inflammation, partially through the vagus nerve.

From remembering facts or conversations to improving musical or athletic skills, learning alters connections between nerve cells called synapses.

The toxin, known by the initials TTX, stops nerve cells from sending signals that tell muscles to move.

Contradictory evidence means that no one knows whether SARS-CoV-2 can infect nerve cells in the brain directly, and if so, whether the virus’s route to the brain can sometimes start in the nose.

Few have the nerve to call him and he's usually pleased when an old friend does.

Then he lost his nerve and decided to live after all, and I called for help.

“But bringing it to New York was a bit nerve-wracking,” he admits.

For anyone—not just a fan—the first time performing on camera can be nerve wracking.

She was a perky redhead of about 30 with lively blue eyes, a petite figure, and lots of nerve.

It was Carmena, every nerve of her loyal nature on the alert to baffle this pursuer of Alessandro and Ramona.

To add point to this success, he knew that the victor of Montebello was straining every nerve to gain this very prize.

I hadn't the nerve to stand there and tell her she'd never see her father again this side of the pearly gates.

It was a hair-raising problem, too, and called for every ounce of nerve and every particle of skill the boy possessed.

This time it was really Mr. Bills, and Mrs. Biggs went out to meet him, while Eloise felt every nerve quiver with dread.


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