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Rodimer entered just hours before the filing deadline, drawing some mockery from fellow Republicans.THE TRAILER: IS ELECTION REFORM HEADED FOR PASSAGE, COURTS, OR NOWHERE?DAVID WEIGELMARCH 4, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Football coaches at all levels have made a mockery of mask-wearing, with the NFL imposing hefty fines on coaches who expose their noses and mouths and some college conferences threatening to dock schools up to $1 million.A COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACH’S SEASON AT WAR WITH THE CORONAVIRUS — AND HIS OWN SCHOOLKENT BABBJANUARY 19, 2021WASHINGTON POST
It makes a mockery of those rules to say that misallocating funds to decorate your office, for example, is punishable, but seeking to undo an election and inciting rioters are not.SEDITIOUS REPUBLICANS MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLEJENNIFER RUBINJANUARY 7, 2021WASHINGTON POST
In its lawsuit, the Justice Department argues that Facebook's hiring practices made a mockery of these requirements.FEDS SAY FACEBOOK BROKE US LAW OFFERING PERMANENT JOBS TO H-1B WORKERSTIMOTHY B. LEEDECEMBER 3, 2020ARS TECHNICA
Revel in mirth as Borat makes a mockery of a pair of rubes with a Don’t Tread on Me flag who were kind enough to take him in in the midst of the covid-19 epidemic!YOU SHOULD SIDE WITH BORAT’S VICTIMS, NOT MOCK THEMSONNY BUNCHOCTOBER 30, 2020WASHINGTON POST
He drew himself up, twisted his moustache, and met her eyes—they were rather sad and tired—with the roguish mockery of his own.THE JOYOUS ADVENTURES OF ARISTIDE PUJOLWILLIAM J. LOCKE
A mockery of a government—a disgrace to the office pretended to be held—a parody on the position assumed.THE CONDITION, ELEVATION, EMIGRATION, AND DESTINY OF THE COLORED PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATESMARTIN R. DELANY
He did not like his cynical way of looking at things, nor understand his mockery of current morality.THE EVERLASTING ARMSJOSEPH HOCKING
He could not go further, for it seemed to him like mockery to suggest by way of comfort that fourteen years would come to an end.THE FLOATING LIGHT OF THE GOODWIN SANDSR.M. BALLANTYNE
For all your sneers and your mockery you've always known I loved you the way a man loves a decent woman.SUMMEREDITH WHARTON


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